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In Vitro Diagnostic Solutions

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Putting Your Health in Your Hands

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Leading the Way in Novel Diagnostic Solutions

IVDS is an innovative company that develops diagnostic tools for under-served populations.

IVDS has a Team of Engineers that Specialize in Assay Development.

Including 3D Printing, Laser Etching,  Urine Dip Stick Development and Much More. 

IVDS Revolutionized Healthcare  and Point of Care Diagnostics Delivering Testing Results Within Minutes 

Wide range, high resolution test strips for the semi-quantitative determination of Uric Acid, Glucose, pH and Beta-Hydroxybutyrate (ketone bodies) in biological solutions.

We discover scientific solutions to improve the quality of life through timely, accessible, actionable diagnostic information.

We envision a world where individuals can take control of their health with personalized data and insights obtained anytime, anywhere.

We aim to create point-of-care diagnostic platforms in which multiple biomarkers can be detected, measured, and monitored. 

  • Passionate pursuit of scientific discovery

  • Accountability for quality and progress

  • Empowerment for employees, partners, and patients

  • Patient-Centric to improve the quality of human lives everywhere

Why Work With Us?

By sharing our capabilities we build strategic relationships with industry partners to license, manufacture, and market our point of care diagnostic solutions as well as help our partners develop new  technologies.


Years of Experience


Commercial Products

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